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Cultural Leadership Relaunches as LEAD STL, Amplifying Impact at the "Leading the Way: Red Carpet"

Saint Louis, MO — October 19, 2023 — Cultural Leadership, a non-profit organization committed to fostering social change in greater Saint Louis, is excited to announce its relaunch as LEAD STL. This transformation signifies a milestone in the organization’s pursuit to deepen its impact on social justice education and leadership development. The official unveiling will take place at the "Leading the Way: Red Carpet" event on October 19, 2023.

Increased Impact

LEAD STL is scaling its efforts to serve more than ten times the number of young leaders annually. The shift is an outcome of rigorous planning and steadfast commitment to empowering a new generation of changemakers who are capable of challenging the status quo.

Increased Regional Footprint

The organization aims to expand its reach, targeting not only Saint Louis but also the surrounding regions. By doing so, LEAD STL strives to build a more cohesive and empathetic society, united in the fight against racial, social, and economic injustices.

Increased Partnerships

LEAD STL has bolstered its efforts by entering into strategic partnerships with various organizations that align with its mission. This approach aims to broaden the spectrum of resources and mentorship available to young leaders.

Clear Strategic Direction

Through its transformation, LEAD STL establishes a clear strategic direction focused on systemic change. This will be achieved through a variety of core programs and external initiatives that cater to a broader age group, ranging from 5th to 12th graders.

Enhanced Core and External Programs

LEAD STL is introducing new core programs to meet the growing needs of young leaders:

  • Camps: For 6th to 9th graders, focused on foundational elements of leadership and social justice.

  • Emerging Changemakers: Targeted at 7th to 9th graders, this program will help identify and cultivate young leaders who show potential for activism.

  • Cultural Leadership Experience: Specifically designed for 10th and 11th graders, providing them with a more in-depth and hands-on learning experience.

Additionally, the organization is also launching external programs for 5th to 12th graders to expand its influence and effectiveness in the community.

A Word from the Executive Director

Executive Director Tamyka Perine states, "This relaunch isn’t just a new name or brand. It's a renewed commitment to our core values and an ambitious vision for a more equitable future. We're scaling our reach and impact but staying rooted in the principles that have driven us since our inception. We are thrilled to step into this next chapter as LEAD STL."

For more information on the "Leading the Way: Red Carpet" event or to schedule an interview with Executive Director Tamyka Perine, please contact [Your Contact Information].


LEAD STL (formerly Cultural Leadership) is committed to empowering social change in greater Saint Louis and beyond. Through immersive learning experiences rooted in the strengths and oppressions of the Black and Jewish experiences, the organization develops leaders and changemakers, connects youth via educational programming, builds cross-cultural understanding through humility, and welcomes diverse allies and partners.

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